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Environmental Harmonization

Well-being and harmony to your home or business

Environmental healing:
We aims to harmonize the environment and restore the balance to life, creating a healthy atmosphere for live or work.

The harmonization process and healing environmental, are done by combining the techniques of Dowsing, Radionics, Geobiology and personal skills (spiritual gifts), applied in an integrated manner, a single method performed only by its creator, Ricardo Haraguchi.

The harmonization is permanent and it lasts for unlimited time, without the need for periodic review.


It is the technique that can identify, evaluate and measure the harmful energies influence from the environment with our bodies or instruments as the pendulum and tables.


It is the science that studies the environmental influence or Earth's natural energy, on human life, animals and plants.

It's a way to use energy to achieve the cleaning and neutralization of the harmful effects in a place.

Personal Skills:

Since December/2006, I have had access to my "spiritual gift" that allowed me to begin the harmonizing process, using directly Universe's energy application, which provides the full balance and not only punctual as other techniques.

Environmental Influence:
Most of the environmental energies are unnoticed by us because our sensory capacity is very limited. We can only see, hear, smell and feel a small range of energies that comprise the environment in which we live.
However life is continually influenced by environmental energy, which can affect over time our health and wellness.
Contact with Earth’s natural energies help the body balance. However, prolonged exposure to certain energy fields may be inadequate to health, causing organic imbalances such as stress, insomnia, mental and physical fatigue, drowsiness, concentration difficulties, relationship problems, body aches, chronic diseases, crying in babies without an apparent reason, etc ...
The technological development by the human beings, without any care to maintain balance with nature, has been the main factor of environmental deterioration conditions for the life on Earth.
Microwave antennas for cell phones and other electronics such as wireless "Wi-Fi” and cordless phones, and electromagnetic fields radiation from high voltage and Earth’s core Beta radioactivity, have been contributing to the contamination of almost every environment we live in, harming our bodies and causing organ dysfunction, tiredness, insomnia and diseases in some cases by weakening our immune system.

Contamination occurs in the macro environment by numerous apparatus operated by satellite, microwave transmission and capture towers and massive electrical energy transport towers.
Global climate and oceans imbalance have been caused also by pollution.

Harmful situations to life:

Simultaneous or isolated occurrence of one of the following factors tend to reduce the biotic environmental conditions (for life) and impair the health of those living in these places:
  • Natural, located on geological fault lines that generate fields of high voltage, underground water stream that weaken our bodies and other underground geological anomalies generating Beta radioactivity. Distortions also occur at intersections of magnetic network covering the entire Earth’s surface (Peyre, Hartmann, Curry and other networks).
  • Artificial, formed mainly by electromagnetic waves and microwaves emitted by electronic equipment, antennas and cellular transmission, wi-fi networks, cordless phones, high and medium voltage networks and / or electrical transformers.
  • Subtle, energy that permeates into objects or properties’ walls where people with personal problems have lived, negative thoughts, disagreements, suffering, worship or rituals, death, or other occurrences which are not compatible with the energy of the new residents or business.


The danger is that those fields act invisibly and silently over the body, disrupting, overloading or decreasing the energy of one person and weakening your immune system and in many cases causing physical, mental and emotional imbalance.

In severe cases, the defense lack in the body can lead to the development of degenerative diseases like cancer. Therefore it is important to detect and correct harmful energy fields in the environment we live in, especially in those areas where we stay longer, as our bed, computer desk or study and rest areas.

When the combination of the fault with the underground Beta radioactivity occurs, people tend to lose the ability to concentrate and become more tense and nervous in the relationship. After some time, general body ache can appear.

Underground water stream makes a person very sleepy and depressed and eventually can begin to feel problems as cramps, respiratory or digestive dysfunction.

Environmental harmonization of rest and work places, provide:
Total and permanent environmental rebalancing, with the neutralization of all harmful energies.

Optimal conditions for the life's development, whether human, animal or plant.

Allows full communication of our brains to our bodies, creating the proper functioning of the organism and cell reproduction to recovery from adverse situations in everyday life.

Prevents the onset of illnesses resulting from dysfunction caused by harmful energies environmental.

Eliminates harmful subtle energies from the residences or the company.
Protection against input and impregnation of subtle energies that are wandering in the external environment.

With my "spiritual gift" and radionics performed mentally, we can delimit and wrap the whole harmonization’s goal and fill it up with an energy brought from the Universe, that has the ability of balancing.
This energy is applied after the healing and cleaning of all the subtle energies and has the effect of neutralizing all environmental harmful energies.
Its durability is unlimited and maintain biotic level in its peak of +100, and the condition of the electromagnetic environment in the best condition for life.
After harmonizing the environment we can confirm the change occurred by the feeling of lightness, testing the harmful energy neutralization and checking out the difference between internal and external environment.
To do this just relax, walk through a door that is on the threshold of the harmonized place, and feel the difference.
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